Manual Upgrade shows blank screen / upgrade_ignore.txt

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Hello Developers,

I have noticed in the FAQ that you can install “upgrade_ignore.txt” onto the root filesystem that will ignore automatically if I have wrote custom code onto one of your files. I indeed have commented out a line on “includes/plugin_invoice/invoice.php”. I commented out:

//$website_data = module_website::get_website($job_data[‘website_id’]); ~ line [3080] (ish)

I have installed the free version of UCM and that line was giving me a lot of trouble when I wanted to install my own version of PDF invoice creator.

My question is simple:
Since I have made custom work, and the file is no longer being automatically upgraded, where do I get my hands on the latest version of this file? I tried manual upgrade but it shows a blank screen. error_log shows nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Ah yes this would cause an error in the free version. I’ll fix that up in the next update.

The latest update should resolve that blank screen.

Also, the latest update should now support moving the core plugin files to the custom folder. For example, move includes/plugin_invoice/invoice.php over to custom/includes/plugin_invoice/invoice.php. If you do this then your ‘custom’ one will be used instead of the core. You can then update the system and compare the changes between the core invoice.php file and your custom invoice.php file.

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blackbeltscriptingManual Upgrade shows blank screen / upgrade_ignore.txt