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I’m in the website build / Computer repair industry. This UCM is fantastic for what we do. I would however like a “Managed Asset” section under each client so I can see what machines / devices are managed by my company with the customer. This will eliminate a lot of guess work when an employee is dispatched to the site or remote in.

You should be able to easily create this using the Custom Data Feature and assign it to the Customers (not main).
Have you given that a try yet?

Yeah I did that, but for some reason the info I fill into the form do not appear under the new custom data. I have it set the way in the example, the form populates, but under the customer/my new tab the area is black. I go back to custom data under the settings and it shows something has been entered but that’s it.

hmm….do you have the “Show in Main” checked for the different fields? On my end, this causes those fields to show up (kinda like a preview mode) when you click the Custom Data Module for the customer, then I can click the individual entry to open the whole form.

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