Lots of "Data access denied. Sorry." Invoices

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I am unsure if these are test invoices I have done in the past, but I cannot even see them to know. All I get is an all white screen with the words.

“Data access denied. Sorry.”

I am the main administrator and I would at least like to be able to remove them.

Would hate to touch the database and cause more damage.

Example urls:



I have noticed these problematic invoices have N/A as the customer field.

It happens when you deleted the customer first before changing anything else related to the customer. Changing Customer_id=0 in the mysql database for {database prefix}_customer will allow you to edit and eventually delete them.

It’s one of the things I was going to highlight when I saw your post.

Hope this helps.

I see why the system is having these problems. However this can be easily avoided by the system generating a warning message saying something like: “YOU CANNOT DELETE THIS CUSTOMER BECAUSE IT HAS RELATED INFO. DELETE THIS INFO BEFORE DELETING THE CLIENT” . Please work on these WARNING messages for ALL related issues. Thanks

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walterLots of "Data access denied. Sorry." Invoices