Looking for UMC Developer

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I am looking for UMC developer


Help Please

Nate, what are you trying to do?

patchworks: have you ever found someone reliable to do UCM developments? We have projects that are waiting because most coders we work with wont touch UCM because it was not build to be easily expanded. IF you can help let me know Jwebb@tbmcreative.com

Yes, I agree! Most coders won’t touch it! To difficult to deal with… But we have out team producing lots of stuff for a Lead Generation system! Call Billing integration with Twilio, Special Billings modules, Media Upload Modules, etc.

I might be able to take a look at what you want and have our team work on it.

We don’t change the CORE system and add plugins so we can receive updates. There are still some much needed fixes and improvements in the core system!

After looking at the core system it appears that we will have to do some major changes or even rebuild the core system from scratch so that it is easier to add new modules. Considering the core was built in 2009 but dont get me wrong this is a great system. Anyhow the main plugin we are looking to build I can not share here in an open forum as it is a product in the works and don’t wish to give just anyone the idea we have. If we can connect outside of this thread we can discuss options.

I’d be more than happy to receive code/backend/framework improvement suggestions. The original (very old pre-lite) system was designed for myself with no plan for anyone else to use or extend.

If there are suggestions on ways to make extending UCM easier then please-please-please post them here or in a new thread on the forum.

I also have a private Github repo that I would be more than happy to share with people willing to suggest changes/fixes in the form of commits. I can review those code changes from yourselves and merge them into the core system after verifying they wont break anything.

If anybody would be interested in suggesting changes via github then please shoot me a support ticket with your github username along with a snippet of code that you would like changed in the core and I’ll give you access.


Thanks Dave.
We have been trying to get in touch with you via two tickets that we have paid for expedited attention. As to your github suggestion for collaboration unfortunately we are not coders ourselves and the developers that we have been trying to work with on Odesk have had a hard time working with the permissions and adding new custom modules. Thus we have had 3 developers quit without completing the contract due to their not fully understanding your code. do you have anyone you would suggest to contract for development work? We have plenty of money budgeted but just cant find someone to work on it for us.

tmb, you will find that is common on oDesk! You get some pretty low-end developers on oDesk! I did send you an email outside of the system to see if I can help.

We are currently programming HUGE system. We were actually developing a system like UCM in-house before we found UCM! Once we found it we stopped all development and integrated UCM as the backbone of our MASSIVE Lead Generation management app!

Dave, I would be interested in getting github access. At the moment, we run our own SVN servers and don’t use GitHub, but can create an account no problem. As you know I’ve been pretty active on the forums with development issue and would love to help further the product.


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nate9Looking for UMC Developer