Left Menu Scrolling (AdminLTE)

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When viewing with my laptop which has a small screen the left menu only shows half the links, the rest do not fit on the screen. Since sidebar overflow is set to hidden then you cannot scroll to see the rest of the menu. In your old metis theme the menu and content would scroll together but in AdminLTE this is not the case. I could change the css to show the scrollbar or add a js scrollbar but maybe you can add it to the core. would prob be best to have it scroll alongside with the content.

I have also found this issue…there seems to be a bit of a hidden scrollbar on AdminLTE that appears (very very faintly) when your mouse is over it (I have to squint and look closely at my screen to see it).

If you click in this area and drag down you can scroll down the rest of the menu.

I have highlighted it in blue so you can see the area it covers. If you don’t click exactly on it though, you will end up clicking one of your links.

It would be helpful, though, to have a little bit better scroll feature on this theme.

AdminLTE scroll bar

Hah, your right… I never would have seen that. Thanks! Ill have to change the color a bit. Maybe dt you can fix this in the code for others who dont see this.

glad to help! and I agree, a contrasting system color for this would be helpful! Or a system setting to select the color.

Yes I run into this issue too. The content area and the menu scroll separately. Since AdminLTE is a 3rd party theme I’m not too sure how easy this is to fix, but I’ll try to take a look.

Have to mouse wheel down on the left menu to see Settings sometimes on my laptop.

ah thanks so much – i didn’t realize AdminLTE was by a third party – sorry about that.

You can target the scroll bar with this css

.slimScrollBar {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #6b58cd !important;
border-radius: 0;
display: none;
height: 702.936px;
position: absolute;
right: 1px;
top: 145px;
width: 10px!important;
z-index: 99;

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devsmiLeft Menu Scrolling (AdminLTE)