LDAP authentication

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Hi there,

Many of my clients have accounts outside of UCM, generally through LDAP (OpenLDAP or Active Directory). Instead of creating a separate UCM account for them, how possible would it be to create a UCM account that authenticates through the LDAP server?

I have multiple LDAP servers, so it would be wonderful to have the ability to create multiple LDAP sources — similar to what is found in the open source web application SOGo. (It allows many different authentication sources, not just LDAP, and the ability to have as many as is necessary.)

Of course, I would want to allow only particular users from each client’s domain, and associate them with their UCM client account.

This would be a wonderful addition to my system, to minimize the possible number of password or account-related issues.

Thanks again for your efforts. I do love the product.

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