latest update available?

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I saw the newsletter with new features, but my UCM says there’s no update available. I’m running 2.629 version. I also noticed new error message inside upgrade screen.

Upgrade Error: if you are having upgrade errors please manually remove the file /includes/plugin_company/company.php and run the upgrade again.

Is the new update available?

Hi Victor,

Yes it is, i’ve upated my ucm this morning.

Of course my ucm was up to date, as i upgraded yesterday too to test the beta version of the company plugin


Hmm not sure whats happening with my installation, might need to do manual upgrade. Haven’t modified anything.

I noticed that I don’t even have company plugin, yet UCM gives me that error message.

Just wanted to follow up, I’m still not able to upgrade. However, the error message is gone now.

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v1ktorlatest update available?