Language importation fail

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Importing languages CSV fail. It says “700 records to import”, i click process, then it says “successfully imported 0 records”.

Followed instruction from your site (

Any idea ? Thx.

Best to send through a support ticket with a copy of the CSV file so we can assist further.

What ? This is not a support ticket ?

As i said the file i tried to upload is the one downloaded from your site.
The file sended is not the problem there.

But ok, i send you a sample file, wrote using the sample file generated by the dashboard :

Ah ok, this is the forum ^^ sorry, i opened a ticket.

I am having exactly the same problem. Can you please inform me on how it was resolved?



I had the same problem. Can you plaeae inform me on how to solved it?

Hey guys, it will be much faster if you can send in a support ticket that way we can look directly for the cause of this issue. We’ll get back to you in a few days time. Thanks!

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