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When creating a job in the latest version of UMC, I tried to add a negative amount in the price column. For example, I want to give people a discount, but show that it would normally cost $X. So for example, I have “Domain Name = $10”, then on the next line, I do “Domain Name = -$10”. It shows them it would normally cost $10, but I gave it to them for free.

Okay, anyway – this feature used to work. But now it just converts the negative amount to 0.00, but it DOES subtract the negative amount from the total. But if I go edit that line in anyway, it re-adds the negative amount, so the discount was never applied.

Hope this made sense – if not, let me know and I can try and further explain.


Thanks for letting me know, should be an easy fix. I’ll have a crack at it now.

Yep latest update for Jobs and Invoices should fix that issue.

Wow – you rock. Thanks so much! Updating now!

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tsmwsJobs – Negative Amount