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I am an on-site service contractor. Customers have problems, they book me, I go to their location and resolve the problem. I bill them based on the time spent at their site. Of course, part of this also involves scheduled visits that are booked in advance.

Is it possible, without creating a separate calendar entry, to have jobs show up in the calendar? I’d like to be able to book a customer at a specific time and have that job show up in the calendar automatically.

I’m not complaining if its not on the cards, but I figure I can’t be the only one that’d get use out of having this kind of thing.


Yes Jobs in calendars is on the cards, and it’s almost complete.

We’re just ironing out jobs having a start and end time. This is not something that currently exists in the job section.

By default we will have jobs appear in the top ‘all day’ area, and then you can click and pick a start/end time from within the calendar.

Initially you wont be able to change the job ‘date’ from the calendar, this will still have to happen in the jbo screen, but we might be able to implement that feature one day too.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter once the calendar feature is completed to include jobs.


Hi Stephen,

(If you are getting email notifications)

Check the latest update. Jobs now have a Start/End time.


Thanks for the update. This works for single task jobs. Definitely like it.

Currently I’m working as a contractor. At the present time I create projects for the duration of the contract, then create weekly/monthly jobs within those projects that then have daily tasks that get billed weekly/monthly as appropriate.

Other clients are ad-hoc, they call me when they have problems. I book a time, create a job, go to their office, clinic, or shop and solve the problem. This update works perfectly for that. Its exceptionally useful and a great update. I really appreciate the efforts.

Really appreciate the direction the platform is going so far.

Do you have a road map we can take a look at of where the development focus is going to be going forward? Are there any plans for the finances side of the app?

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