Job Tasks Hours Not Showing

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Hey, I am working on a job for a client.Using the timer and have also manually input hours. Problem is the Hours Total, Hours Done and Hours are all 0.00 and do not change. So theres 2 problems,. The timer button times and logs the hours but it doesnt do anything. It just shows the log but doesnt add to the job. Also if you enter Log _ Hours that also records it but makes no difference to the jobs total hours.

Hmm. What are the times here? A few minutes or up around the half hour mark?

I have added an hiur and half hour ND also 2 minutes. none of them show

I am unable to change the status of this post to not resolved. I don’t think they should be marked resolved just because you replied. sure it’s a good way to close posts for you but I’m sure it leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

anyway pls see above to my reply

David ..this is getting a bit ridiculous, can you please look in your forum once in a while.

This is the same exact thing I’ve been having a problem with. The timer, once you stop it (or hit Finish), doesn’t actually log that time to the Job. It records the time, but it doesn’t add it to the Job you’re working on, so you can then invoice the job. I REALLY need for this to work, as most of my client work is done by the job, billed by the hour. It’s the main reason I purchased and have been trying to get UCM to work for months and hundreds of hours, now.

yiu and me both!I honestly don’t think David is making enough money on ucm to care anymore which is understandable since it would be a full time job on its own.

Yeah, I don’t know how he keeps up. UCM is a huge project. Just keeping up with the forum support requests would take forever. I’ve probably been a bit too harsh on hime regarding this timer issue, but you reach a certain point of frustration and things boil over. I’m going to work with what I’ve got now and hopefully he will be able to make the timer function work better in the future.

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