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This is my first post here.

I am trying to send by email a quote of a job to a test client but I can´t seem to find how to do it.

I have followed the instructions in:

But I cant´t find the advanced tab nor the link for sending it.

Hope anyone can help me.


Please look in the bottom left area for “Advanced” > “Email Quote”.

Here is an example in the online demo:

I don´t have those tabs. I have the tabs “Job details” and “Job tasks”

I am running Version: 2.611

Please send through a support ticket with UCM login details plus a URL link to the saved Job in your system that is not working.

I am sorry to ask again but when you say UCM login details you mean for me to create an user so you can log in?



Yes please feel free to send some UCM login details (new or existing) so I may login to your UCM and see if there is a problem. Alternatively please send the “Auto Login” link to the existing admin account (available from the profile). If you cannot figure out the auto login link a new user account that has access to the problematic job is fine.

Ok ticket 004443 created.

I look forward to your reply.


OK 28th Sept 2013

I have the exact same ISSUE, and I have only recently downloaded and installed the app.

Can you please ADVISE what is wrong? Has this issue been updated or not, if so how do I overcome this problem.

speak soonest

OK, I have now found it – BUT following your description on how to do a email quote in the FAQ, and doing it – you go instinctively to the EMAIL TAB, and then try and add quote there.
As I have said, there seems to be quirky ways of doing things in UCM, again this simple oversight helps highlight the “end user expereince”.

It also further doesn’t help as your using as a DEMO UCM with the Whitelable CSS, this again doesnt give you a good baseline to try and work out how to do things if you have basic, Lite or Pro without Whitelable.

I SUGGEST that rather than HyperText Links, it would be better to make these ACTIONS as BUTTONS so as to be 100% clearer…
Another possible Upgrade for the future.

I quote::

Re : QUOTES n Hours/Products

Off subject, but also a consideration…
The INVOICE/Quote generation is dependent upon Hrs and units… IF you are PRODUCT led, then all you have is Unit cost. But, still quotes and Invoices shows HRS, even when HRS are not needed

How do you switch this OFF, I have tried the dropdown menu amount/hrs amount/quantity etc, but on the final invoice HRS are still shown when they are not specified!

When trying demo please feel free to click ‘change theme’ at top to go back to basic theme.

More details about task hours title here:

Same problem, can’t see email quote to client button.
Updated to latest version.
Tested in all themes.

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