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Everything based on Job and hourly pay is annoying. From the quote sending to the customer to job %.

> please add other ways of adding job adding jobs.. I can leave the hour box blank but on the detailed come 0 hours need o hours completed.

> please add another ways of adding job %. like phage, steps, tasks or just input of how much done (like 20%)

> please add sign up on on the log in page. as customer who want to sign up and login will come here..

please these issues need to be sorted ASAP.


Please see the latest update, more information here:

You can now also click “Edit Task” and click on the percentage to manually adjust the Task Percentage 🙂

Dear Mr.Baker,

This is awesome and a big update.

Thanks for this, but I would like to mention this that as I’m designing websites and many times I need DAYS and PRICE to enter, because when there is a project of about 32 hours which is of 4 days( 32 hours/8 hours-a-day = 4 days), which has 2 job tasks in it.

I am employing 2 person to do this job so the 4 day job will be done in 2 days.

I want to enter price like below, if I charge  $10/hour.

Task 1 –   1 day – price – $160 (because 2 person is working – 16 hours job will be done in 8 hours)

Task 2 –   1 day – price – $160

So, another DROP DOWN with DAYS and PRICE is a MUCH NEEDED option. Hope you understood my explanation as usual 🙂 and this price should not get multiplied by any base price because in my case 1 day is 8 hours if i enter $10/hour then i will get only $80 but i want to enter manually $160.

and in Invoice or in Job quote – INSIDE the job quote or invoice – i want to leave some NOTES for client. This is helpfull mainly if I’m not giving a client Login but just give them a external link to the jobs, apart from the job – task list, the client can see the notes which i leave as-well in which i can explain or leave a note to my client explaining my pricing or my project. ( this is just a optional thought)


Inside invoices, please click “Add Note” and look for the “public” tickbox. Click the help icon for more information about this.

In advanced settings please try changing “task_hours_name” from “Hours” to “Days”.

See if this helps billing for Days work.


Dear Mr.Baker,

Thanks for your response. That solves the issue when changing “task_hours_name” from “Hours” to “Days”.

But this is not for all the task I do. I tried it already but some times I need the hours as-well or No of  items.

So if there is some option on the job page to change it that will be very easy and good. Instead of going to setting page every time I need this option.

and when I select this drop down the tile should change only to that particular job ONLY. when I change days in settings and sent a job quote and again when I change hours for a new client and new quote, even the old quote changes to hours. so the old client is getting confused. It showed days before now it shows as hours.

🙂 It could be very helpful if we have another drop-down with days and when selecting this the tile also changes as Days only for that PARTICULAR quote.


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