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This feature request is an attempt to try and synthesize a few different feature requests into one big new feature. The new Task Comments is a good addition, and can still be kept to comment on individual tasks, but this new “Job Discussion Board” would be the center for the communication of the entire job as a whole.

The need for a more prominent, fully featured communication medium between customer and staff, and staff and staff about the job.

Staff View:
Job Discussion Board Buttons

Each Job would have two buttons: “Job Discussion Board” and “Internal Discussion Board”
The Customer would only see the “Job Discussion Board” button.
Job Discussion Board Buttons

Job Discussion Board:
When this is clicked, it would list all the conversations between the customer and the staff/staff members/admin who have access to that job. The user can select which conversation to view, and they can easily add a message, attach files, etc. If they need to send the message to more than one staff member on the job, they press the “+” underneath the drop down box on the “To” area. These “grouped” messages would also appear under the “View Conversations from” as well as the individual staff member’s conversation string (so it is easy to trace back communication).

Job Discussion Board Buttons

When a message is submitted, it is sent via e-mail to all the email addresses of the recipients selected. The email template has a “reply above line” that if they hit reply, and type their message above it, it will automatically update the conversation screen (if this is not possible, then at least a hyperlink to open up the conversation string and update it with a response to prevent customers from just e-mailing back and not having a record of it in the Job Discussion Board).

Internal Job Discussions:
This would be an internal discussion area that staff members and admins of the job would be able to communicate, share files, etc. Similar to the “Job Discussions Board”, though it would not include the customer. Keeping these separate would ensure security and prevent accidental messages from being delivered to the customer.

———-Please Note:———-
I based a lot of the initial design of the Project Message Board from’s Private Message Board. I would love to get feedback from the UCM community to see what they think about this feature request and what they would add/etc.

Also added a “Print Conversation” button and an “Export Conversation to PDF” button to the discussion Sample.

I also added a “View in Separate Window” to the discussion, as right now it is displayed as a pop uip….the separate window would be the hyperlink that the email could use.

Also, an html editor for the actual message would probably be better – even if it was just limited like the one used on this forum.

All the messages in the conversation should also be timestamped.

+1 This is good one

Thanks for those who voted on this feature request thus far.

I added a couple of things to the Job Discussion Board Image:
-Title of the Job
-Changed the wording of “Conversations” to “Discussions” in the export and print buttons to keep the same wording throughout the feature
-Added in a basic html editor (used from this site – though the coding tags would probably not be needed as it could throw off some clients.
-Added a Submit Button

Can anyone else think of features that would be helpful for this feature request? dtbaker, any thoughts?

+1 on this one. I also like the comment tasks, however these are more for simple communication between clients and staff. There is no real way for staff to communicate within the system This would solve that problem.

Thanks so much – if a feature like this were developed I am wondering if the task discussions would then be needed…my first thought was yes, you could keep them in, but now I am thinking that it might get confusing – since you could reference the task right in the Job Discussion Board. I am guessing that might be individual preference, so maybe the ability to enable or disable task discussions would be good to include with this?

FYI looking at what UCM can do with the tickets it would seem that it would totally be possible to have the user reply via their email and it would automatically update the UCM log. This would be such a huge help! Though I still think a link to “view in webpage” like the tickets have would still be nice.

One other possible thought with this…maybe a Skype or teamviewer button can be put into the window so that a client can click the button to automatically try and connect via one of those methods to attempt to get live support. Or maybe a live support/chat/Remote Desktop integration option could be added as it’s own thing (even if it is something that if used we would need to pay for an outside subscription for it). Just a thought! Not sure if this Job Discussion board is something being considered by development or not.

hi dtbaker – i know you have been swamped – curious if this feature request is something you are exploring as a future addition to UCM?
Many thanks!

Dtbaker, is there a particular funding goal you have in mind for a plugin like this? Is this a direction you are willing to take with UCM staff-customer communication? I would be very interested in knowing a funding goal for this as it is the other main “big” wish list item I would love to see for UCM 🙂

Realizing that the Tasks are a necessity to distinguish for many people, I updated the above image to include a drop-down so that they can select a specific task to talk about. The default “All” would show all conversations from all tasks/overall discussions.

Hi dtbaker, any comment on if this feature would be something that could be added? Or, any set funding goal for this? Also, I did another $10 contribution to this feature several weeks ago and it still hasn’t registered (still just shows $40). If needed, I can send a copy of the receipt.


This would be awesome. How much to get this completed. I like and see a real need for this.
If you give me a figure, I will consider paying the complete amount!

Glad you like – it is definitely my biggest interest in terms of a new feature for UCM. I have contributed $50 so far to this (only $40 seems registering), I can give a bit more too (though I just completely funded the Drag and Drop Feature)…haven’t heard yet a funding amount from @dtbaker or feedback yet on this feature – hopefully we might hear something soon! 🙂

This is a possible second option to create this Discussion Board…you could copy the same system used for the tickets and use that as a discussion system that is attached to the individual Jobs…that way you can assign multiple people as part of the conversation(and leave out the client/customer if it is a private staff discussion), you could still track the conversations, emails can still be generated for alerts/replies can be done via email and tracked in the discussion, and it would be a more centralized area for Job discussions (then the individual task comments). The discussion ticket system could also list the particular task if it is a discussion pertaining a specific task.

This is just an option in a different direction that might be cheaper/faster to get a centralized job discussion system if the one mentioned above is too complex.

Any thoughts?

+1 +1 +1 This would be awesome!!!

dtbaker, I need and idea on how much this would cost to be implemented and how long. I would consider paying a large amount for this if the price is right! $100, $300?????

Has there been any consideration to this feature by chance?

i know you are swamped with a bunch of stuff – I just thought I would see if this feature has been looked at as a possibility? Is the job discussion going to be undergoing an overhaul like the invoice module by chance?

Thanks so much!

This would be great.

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