Issue in Newsletter Member Import functionality

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Dear dtbaker,

I got a issue please give me solution for this… ( overview of the issue is pasted as a image below for better understanding)

1. I created 3 extra field in member details edit page under newsletter section

2. went to member import page, downloaded the sample excel from the link

3. The downloaded excel was having the newly added extra 3 fields aswell as a coloumn

4. I have added some datas to the needed fields

5. Uploaded to the system

6. On the edit page (step 2) of iploading it showed all the fields including the extra fields and then completed the import.

7. clicked the member tab saw the list of imported members list. clicked one member to see if all the extra fields data imported correctly but ONLY the extra field data’s were not imported.

Now i need a solution to sort this issue asap please….

I need all the extra fields data to be imported as-well.

RIGHT CLICK ON THE below IMAGE and Select – OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB – to view the image content in better Clarity.


I’m waiting for a fix for this issue. Please solve this issue…

Trying to resolve this one now.

Dear Mr.dtbaker,

You are a rockstar…. thanks for fixing this….. :)))

looking forward… 🙂 rockstar…

This should be fixed in the latest update.

Thanks for fixing this Mr.baker, it works fine now… 🙂

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aravindIssue in Newsletter Member Import functionality