Is there an easy way to send email?

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Sorry if I am missing anything. Isn’t there a simple way to compose a new message and type an email address and send it?

The Customer/Lead “Email” link would do that, but you would select the email address from an associated contact in the system. I don’t believe there is a way to send an email to a person that is not in the system within UCM, you would just want to use your normal email program/system for that.

If it is to a lead, you should type in the lead info and then go to the “email” link and send them an email that way.

Thanks. I will submit a feature request.

I would like our project (event) staff only to have to use UCM for our event.

Then staff have their own inboxes/(departments/ticket queues) (which is possible I think currently) but also be able to mail people (possible vendors/contacts related to our event etc) so that it comes from

Notifications can still go to their personal email accounts which takes them to UCM so that any time they are dealing with out project, it all takes place via UCM.

Kinda ties in with other feature requests I’ve made but all seems a logical progression of UCM.

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welshdemonIs there an easy way to send email?