Is there a way to export financial reports?

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I thought we could do this but can’t find it anywhere. Is there a way I can export a report of paid invoices for use in Quickbooks?

Yes I am looking for this option as well. Not so much ‘for use in Quickbooks’, but simple Export (cvs/excel/print) option(s) for each of the Financial > tabs.

Did you find this option, paryguy?


Hey dheath…I had to dig deep to try and remember why I asked this! I never found a way to. I guess you could always just write a stand-alone script to query the DB.

at the bottom of the page there is an export link…

Luca, we are referring to the Finance > Financial Transaction tabs!


Here is a screenshot of the Finance > Financial Transactions tab from the demo:

Thanks for that.

Though I don’t have any transactions ‘completed’ yet as it has only been a short while using UCM, is this option available for the Staff/Job Reports tab?


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paryguyIs there a way to export financial reports?