Invoicing problems

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Hi I am having a problem with invoicing. I created the invoice then put $70 hourly with 3.5 hours default, it should be $245 which is creates, but then it changes the hourly rate to $63.xx. At first it was acting differently, it was making the hourly rate the 63.xx and giving me a weird total, so something is going on with this.

I also have a question about invoicing with hours. If I type in 3.5 instead of 3:50 whats the differences. I haven’t used the 3:50, but would this be the same as 3.5 or does 3:50 mean 3 hours and 50 minutes? Thanks.

Looks like you maybe entered the $245.00 figure first (did you maybe enter this as a Qty and Amount or Amount Only) and then revert it to the Hourly Rate & Amount option?

It looks to be calculating out the hourly amount backwards from $245.00 at the moment. And because you have entered 3:50 (this is 3 hours and 50 minutes not 3.5 hours) you are getting an hourly rate of $63.97. This would be because you are forcing the 245.00 and the 3:50 (thus the 63.97 has to be calculated from those).

Change the 3:50 to 3:30 and it should recalculate to 70.00, or don’t force the 245.00 just enter 3:30 and 70.00 and let the 245.00 be calculated.

I used to be able to put in the 3.5 hours then the hourly rate and it would give me the correct amount, then I would save it and the total would read out $245. I just tried it your way with the 3:30 instead of the 3.5 and after I saved it didn’t change the amount and now has the correct total of $245, so thanks.

No worries. Yeah it got changed to this method a while back.

OK… yea I usually work with flat-rates and don’t use the hourly rate feature

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