Invoices not sending, goes to white page w/ Invoice Name at top.

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My UCM seems to have some issues since a recent update.   The updates complete and all says its all good, but when returning to the Update tab, it flashes saying it was not completed well.   I do as it says and remove the company.php file and re-do it, but it persists regardless of re-running the update, less the company.php file.

I am not sure if that is supposed to be there always, even if there is not an error, but now that I try to go and use the UCM it seems to have lost some functionality.

When I attempt to send an invoice, from within the manager, it directs me to a white page, with just the name of the invoice at the top.   See Info & Shot Below.

Invoice Example :

Now if I click the “Email Invoice” in either the left sidebar, above “Mark invoice as sent” or the one at the bottom, between “Save invoice” and “Print PDF” I get the same result.

Address in URL Bar :

In turn the Email popup never happens, and I am not able to send off the email/invoice as usual.

If I can help you out at all getting to the bottom of this, please let me know.   Getting this resolved is dependent on me getting paid this month!    Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,
David Brooks

FTP Host :

Digging deeper into it, it seems that is only with this particular invoice/job/client.  It does have existing credit etc.  but the credit was applied successfully, its just sending off the invoice redirects to that blank page, rather than the actual send email/invoice page.

I have sent out 2 others since making the first post, I have also removed the old invoices and credits, redid them all with new products that I created and still yet it does not go through to the send page as it should.

Kinda stumped here, any input is greatly appreciated!

Have a great week all!

Is the invoice rather large (ie: lots of items?)


please send through a support ticket if you haven’t already and we can login to investigate and resolve asap.

Ok, even further I have toggled and re-toggled some of the tax drop down menus.   After a few saves of the invoice, its back to being able to send it again.    This has happened a few times in the past, with the white screen and just the invoice name on the page.  Still have yet to find out what the cause of this is.

Topic is semi-closed.   Its working, but a fix/solution to this occurrence is still unknown.


It is relatively large, about 7 or 8 items.  I did create a ticket, and will wait patiently till you guys have time to take a look directly.  Who knows, you might see a thing or two I can change to improve the functionality.  ie. php.ini settings etc that might need adjusting.

Hope your travels are going well!  (and thanks for the quickness on the reply!  <3 the forum btw!)


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davidjohn610Invoices not sending, goes to white page w/ Invoice Name at top.