Invoice renewal not working

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I am selecting automatic renewal and automatic invoice on an initial invoice I have created but the date comes and goes and nothing gets renewed.

This happens for any invoice I create and have the renewal checked on it.

Any ideas?

Is the invoice paid? Is the cron job setup?

If you untick the automatic option does a manual renewal option show and does that work?

invoice is not classed as paid but the work is marked as 100% complete.

cron job!? I’ve not set one up, should I have?

If I uncheck the auto renew and auto invoice the a manual button appears.

Have I missed something?

Also, the generate renewal is not working.

I’ve just tried to do this and after pressing it I get a message saying the job has been renewed then I get redirected to the jobs page and no new job?

Re the cron job…

On the dashboard you should have some instructions on how to set up cron (if you haven’t by now already set it up).

You’ll need to set up something like this…

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/XXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXX/cron.php

On my system this runs the cron every 10 minutes (you’ll just want to replace the X’s for where your install resides, my install is also located at a sub directory as you can see from above so you may want to check the 2nd set of X’s in my path), you may feel that 15 / 30 / 60 mins is more suitable for you (I think DT’s recommendation from memory was 15).

No notification on my dashboard to setup a cron job. I’ve had UCM installed for ages and been using it on a regular basis. I think i remember setting it up, surely it the rest of it wouldn’t be working if the cron was not already setup?

You need to set the cron up manually in cPanel as described above.

To the best of my knowledge UCM works perfectly fine without a cron job set up, it never used to have cron initially I believe as it didn’t used to require it to run any background tasks but now the cron takes care of all of the automatic stuff (invoice renewals, job renewals, sending newsletters, subscriptions etc.)…

If you never set it up when you first installed UCM and you’re the only guy with admin access to your install then cron won’t be doing any of this for you, hence your problems!

Just set up the cron job…

I’ve looked in cpanel and it looks like a cron is setup:

php /home/*cpaneluserid*/public_html/ucm/cron.php

what do you think dtbaker?

Best to send through a support ticket with some temporary login details so we can check it out.

Ι am facing the same problem. My cron works perfect, and the email notifications are sending to my clients in daily basis.

The problem is that the Automatically New invoices are not created. And the New overdue invoices are not being sent. Do I have misconfigured something?

Here is my settings

At 02/06/2016 the invoice did not sent.

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