Invoice rate (amount) rounding issue

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I’ve noticed that after a recent updates Invoice module has started to round up/down rate (amount) values. My business requires to show unit price in format of 0.00375 in example, however Invoice rounds it up to 0.00400. This is very frustrating since I can not really issue any invoices to my customers.

I have already adjusted invoice_item SQL from 10,2 to 10,5. Amount is displaying correct amount of zeros after divider but is rounding up/down.

Is there a fix?

Fixed myself, I think…hourly_rate had to be amended to 10,5 as well

This is something I noticed as well. My company sells products with unit prices that have 3 decimal places. I found that there’s a config setting called “currency_decimal_places” which can be set if you go to Settings->Advanced, but the DB tables need to be altered to store more than 2 decimal places in all currency columns.

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pcardinInvoice rate (amount) rounding issue