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I have 3 questions:

1) How do I set the invoice numbering system? I.e. instead of the invoice number being 234321, I want it to be INV-3125?

2) If the only way I can do the above scenario is to set a prefix, is there a way to automatically set the invoice prefix without doing that for every customer?

3) How do I set the next invoice number?


Hi, Not using the billing system personnaly but :

in Advanced settings (Settings => Advanced) you can define an invoice file prefix by default it is :

invoice_file_prefix : Invoice_

Maybe this should fix your problem.

I am using Ucm Pro version, dont know if advanced settings are available in other versions.

Please mark as solved if this answer your question.

Hope that helps


well just checked further,

WOnt work 🙁 this setting is just remanimg the invoice file.

Hi, check my UCM plugin here. The Invoice Numbering Plugin adds a new function to the highly successful Ultimate Client Manager. In addition to the integrated numbering allows you to set unique account number format using shortcodes. Once you set your unique invoice numbering format, it will be the default. Of course you can use the “original” customer prefix as a shortcode ({PREFIX}) in the numbering format.

Best regards, webNpro

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