Invoice not aperece on screen Customer

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1 – I created invoices manually, and to access the area of the customer “NO” appears the bill for it (and have checked in the client configuration) to the client to SEE INVOICE.


2 – I do not know how to make the products SIGNED invoices are generated for the whole year, and that the date goes as EXPIRED MONTH TO MONTH and not ne WIN.


I dont have any clue of what you are talking about..

Thanks for helping me:

1 – I created invoice to my clients, I see the invoices in administrator account, but NOT see them in the customer area.

2 – On appeal SUBSCRIBERS: to create a monthly bill for example:

– The system account expiration day 20/05/13 so it shows: 20/05/13 to 20/06/13


– The system account expiration day  20/05/13  >>>>  need to show this: : 20/04/13 to 20/05/13

Please send through a support ticket with UCM login details and we can figure this out

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ATNTInvoice not aperece on screen Customer