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As no-profit we need invoice but also simple receipt. They are exactly the same in paper (the only difference is that for the second one we don’t have to pay tax!) and to make receipts we use invoice module with a different template and numbering. Anyway, that mix everything and create some problems in the administration when we have to make our annual financial statement as often our volunteer consultant doesn’t recognise what is what.

To avoid this mess it will sufficient a drop down menu like “Status” where we can declare if a document will be an invoice or a receipt.

I would also create a copy of invoice plugin (maybe the great solution) but everyday you release some updates and how can I copy them to my custom plugin?

Any solution?
Thank you!

Can you just use the current Invoice plugin? When you mark the Invoice as paid it should generate a Receipt (see the bottom). Click the “View Receipt” button and it should show a receipt on the screen. You can also email a “Paid” copy of the PDF invoice.

Will that not work?

Not really. I know about this feature but to get this kind of receipt I still need to generate an invoice. The receipt I need is the same as an invoice, to achieve this now I only change the template in ivoice but for UCM I still making invoice and in financial it will be displayed like invoice… and that’s not right for us…

Subscription as example generate an invoice and it send it to our members… that’s wrong… the membership subscription should generate a receipt instead an invoice because we can’t (is the law) made an invoice to members or private people.

I was wandering to duplicate the invoice plugin and make a find & replace with the new “receipt” name. Will this made some issue and conflict in the system?

Hello mr baker… I still need this feature and I would like to know how…

  • can I duplicate the invoice plugin renaming it “receipts”?
  • can I generate receipts instead normal invoice when I add a subscription to a customer
  • can I keep update my copy plugin?
  • Hope you can really help me as I ask this feature more then one year ago and I still need it…thx!

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