Internal To DO System

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Hi there,

A internal To DO system could be a nice add-on to ultimate client manager.


Currently Tasks are basically Product Items where a completed task is billable item on the generated invoice. Which is good.


A way to break down a task into smaller To DO items  I feel could be useful. These smaller tasks being visible for internal use only.  I think offering better project management.


A breakdown of the logic being:

Job->Multiple Tasks-> Each Possibly having TO DO items.


So something like..

  1. A  job would be created.  ( as usual )
  2. Then delegated persons\ or any staff could create some top left tasks. ( as usual )
  3. Then delegated persons\ or any staff could define To Do items for each task. * NEW
  • Each task can be assigned to staff member. ( as usual )
  • Possibly have each To DO item assignable to a staff member as well. * NEW
  • To Do Tasks are view-able to staff only.



  1. A basic implementation could be something like the way Job Task Descriptions work, except instead of a description would a listing of To DO items. Maybe a basic editor so that items can be listed with html <ul> or <ol> elements. Then strike though button on code editor could be used to depict completed To DO items.
  2. A more advanced implementation would NOT use a html text list saved with task but something that interacts with the system more and that is perhaps assignable. It could To DO item could have its each identity so that it could be checked off\crossed of ( a check box perhaps )
  3. A completely seperated To DO section/tab unrelated to Jobs and nested tasks. Simply a listing of stuff to be done related to business and assignable\or not . That could also be useful.
  • Both would need to be differentiated with the Task description of-course and view able to staff only.

I hope that you would be interested in implementing something like this,

what do you think ? 🙂

does anyone get this?
Does anyone can share this plug-in if anyone made it?


Like the idea

a to do list is needed…

what about project management breakdown lists??? where teams are involved with the overall project, rather than just individuals.

I’m working on a todo plugin, please give me few more days. The first release will coming out soon.


  • Todos on Dashboard (WhiteLabel theme only)
  • Todo page to check all of your items
  • AJAX based
  • Drag and drop priority

More features are planned. It’s simple now but let me know what features are you need ASAP?

Sorry about my english, it’s not my native… 🙂

Regards, webNpro

Awesome. Thank-you.

The separate tab idea is a better.


1. Statuses on to do items:

Pending Client/Supplier Feedback

2. Sub Tasks under a do to item

3. Assignable to staff do do items

4. Description Text for each to do item (and sub task if there is any)
with text editor for formatting.

5. Maybe a sub tab with repeatable monthly to do items. Could be seen as monthly responsibilities.

Just thinking out load.
Maybe refine though process later.

Any news or updates or this ? 🙂

Hi, the first release is coming out in the next days. We are waiting for the Codecanyon… 🙂


With the help of Advanced Todo plugin you can see clear easy and fast your next todo. With drag&drop mode you can set easy the priority order, the inline edit mode give an option for change the wanted todo without loading a new page. It’s very easy: just double click on a todo to edit it and hit enter to save the changes. For shift a todo in finished status enough to click on the green tick icon on the line of todos. (Undo: click on the grey tick).

  • drag&drop sort
  • inline todo editor
  • dashboard widget for the own todos (WhiteLabel theme only)
  • todos filtering by users
  • own or other users todos handling by users authorities (view, create, edit, delete)

Planed features:

  • todos coloring (coming in the next release…)
  • icons assign on several todos
  • longer description affixing with todos
  • time-limit assign on todos
  • alarms/reminds set up on todos (popup, email, dashboard)
  • daily todos sending in email in every morning
  • the full value mobile view
  • Google Todo synchronization
  • synchronization
  • todos printing
  • todos assign to customer, contact, job, or invoice
  • advanced filter
  • built in the system’s inner searcher
  • bulk delete
  • automatically upgrade function
  • and much more useful trifles…

Regards, webNpro

Hi, here is the first release of the UCM plugin: Advanced Todo. Enjoy… 🙂

Thanks so much!

This is my first add in that I bought – when you upgrade it, will it automatically be upgraded with UCM’s upgrades or is there a separate process for it?

Thank you!

Purchased, Installed. Working well.
Completely fit for purpose.

Good job !

Hi, thank you for purchase my plugin!

There is no built in upgrade function in my plugins yet so you have to download and install every updates from me. The upgrade is easy just follow the normal install instructions.

Regards, webNpro

Hi, there is a new version of Advanced Todo. The coloring todo feature is done. Enjoy! 🙂

Regards, webNpro

Nice work 🙂 just purchased plugin

You should make add on for Newsletter Autoresponder tool where you can setup auto responders to any customer group with time sequence like 1st email will go out in 15m and then 2nd one will go out in 2 days and so on so on.

Please let me know if you can do that

Thank you


Please check the new version of Advanced Todo v2.0 on the CodeCanyon:

  • New feature: long descriptions for todos
  • New feature: info line for the todos details
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to domain (only the assigned staff of the assigned customer or the contact of the assigned customer can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to job (only the assigned staff or the contact of the jobs customer can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to website (only the assigned staff or customers contact can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to contact (only the assigned staff or contact can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to customer (only the assigned staff or contact can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to user (only the assigned user can see it)
  • New feature: todo can be assigned to the administrator (only the administrator can see it)
  • New feature: Administrator can see and modify every todos
  • New feature: envato license validation with connection error checking to the license api
  • Improved feature: WhiteLabel theme dashboard widget – it’s full functional from now
  • Improved feature: webNpro upgrade function with connection error checking to the upgrade server
  • Improved feature: “Read documentation” function
  • Improved feature: include all strings to the new UCM translation system
  • Feature fix: js_combine function compatibility problem is solved
  • Feature fix: css_combine function compatibility problem is solved
  • Developer info: improved documentation in the code

Best Regards,

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