Integrate Gravity Forms with UCM Customer Signup

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A small contribution to the forum here based on one of the earlier codes found in FAQ:

Instead of using for Newsletter, the below is used for customer signup.

add_action(‘gform_after_submission’, ‘post_to_ucm’, 10, 2);
function post_to_ucm($entry, $form) {
$post_url = ‘http://your’;
$body = array(
‘customer[name]’ => $entry[‘1’],
‘customer[email]’ => $entry[‘2’],
‘customer[customer_name]’ => $entry[‘3’]
$request = new WP_Http();
$response = $request->post($post_url, array(‘body’ => $body));

1) Numbers in “$entry[‘1’]” represent the field IDs.
2) Additional fields can be found in UCM Admin-Settings-Signup

Only thing is I couldn’t get it to work with file uploads. If anyone could help on this, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ucm-fan.

can you help us to get this great Integrate Gravity Forms to work with ucm?
many of us using Gravity Form in single wordpress or multi site signup.
it would be awesome when customer sign up in the wordpress all data will also be sent to our UCM.

my question is, how to create lead or customer?

i have free plan and paid plan at signup. so when the user select free plan i want to create him as lead in ucm otherwise as client.

please Help!

Hi, I managed to implement this for one form and it works perfectly. However my site has two unique Gravity Forms (one in the footer and one in the sidebar), so when I added the second post_to_ucm function to the functions.php file, the site breaks.

Any ideas why? Could this be because it’s using the same post_to_ucm function?

Looks as though I got it to work.

The issue was that the test samples weren’t using properly formatted email addresses so the data was not being entered properly.

FYI, here is the code for multiple Gravity Forms on one site on GitHub:

File upload.

I have managed to get the file upload (tested only with images so far) to work in as much as the Gravity Form providing a URL path to the file located on the WordPress site.

1- Create an extra data field, I called it ‘Photo URL’
2- Locate the ID of the file upload field in Gravity Forms, mine is ’13’
3- Update the function in the functions.php file to include:
‘customer[extra][Photo URL]’ => $entry[’13’]

That should be it. Handily UCM provides an ‘open’ link next to the field, so click and opens the file (image).

I am now receiving a not found error and no new signups are being populated on UMC.

The url produces this:

“Not Found
The requested URL /external/m.customer/h.public_signup was not found on this server.”

Update: Turns out the database got corrupted. A quick delete and restore jobby done the trick! PHEW! 🙂

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ucm-fanIntegrate Gravity Forms with UCM Customer Signup