Installation Step 3 – Internal Server Error

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on step 3 in the installation process i`m getting a 500 Internal Server Error. I tried to set the max_execution_time to 500 secounds .. but i`m still getting this error.

Does someone know how i can solve this problem ?

Which installer are you using? The new or old? I used the older installing and had an issue during install as well during the updates step…. so I just refreshed and ran it again (second time). It seemed like it got the first half of the updates in the first time around and the 2nd after. I was able to use UCM after that and it all seems to be installed correctly thus far.

I`m using the latest version of ucm light from codecanyon ( ucm_installer3 ).


Please try this alternative installer:

Download the Ultimate Client Manager Installer by clicking here ( Unzip this file to your desktop. Upload the install.php file to an EMPTY directory on your website. Visit install.php in a web browser. Follow the prompts.

Let me know if that is any better.


Thanks this worked for me.

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pixelianerInstallation Step 3 – Internal Server Error