Incorrect hour rate on invoice

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I have set up the hour rate to £7.00 in UCM. However, if I try to generate invoice e.g I added 17.5 hours x £7.00 then the total should be £122.50. But whatever there is extra digit after complete hour e.g 17.50…ext then the hour rate changed automatic to £6.87 or something else depend hours input! Therefore the hour rate is keep changing unless I use no extra digit/decimal after hours input. I would like to have a fix rate hour to be calculated and appear fixed on invoice. How to configure this?

The explanation is not solving my issue! I use > New Manual Invoice Invoices> I set the hourly rate to £7.00 as default, so it depend how many hours I entered but the hourly rate will remain £7.00 only if I use correct figure without decimal .00 ( e.g 22.00 hours etc..) However, if I add any decimal fron of . e.g 22.30 hours, 22.5 hours or 22.50 hours then the hourly rate will from £7.00 change to something else such £6.90 which is £157.50. So why does hourly rate changed from £7.00 to £6.90?

Thanks for reporting this bug, I’m in the office in the next few hours so will check it out.

Any update regarding this issue? Any fix?


This issue should be resolved in the latest update, here is the test

Thanks! Problem solved

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kirogeIncorrect hour rate on invoice