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OK, the latest Issue!
Sept 30 2013

I have spent the day creating a complete 100 listing of all the PRODUCTS/ JOBS/ Services we can provide clients. This has been created using your CSV template.

On IMPORT Products of the csv file, it was found that Product Category did not work, with a warning Category needs to be created????

Now, I have 3 FAILED ATTEMPTS resulting in 300 entries that now all need deleting – WHERE IS the BULK DELETE BUTTON Again????

So on importing CSV files, Product Category isn’t recognized, even after Manually Editing the Categories in, on Uploading the CSV file again, NONE of the products has GRABBED their CATEGORY, so hence we now have 400 wrong entries, all requiring deleting!!!

I was hoping to Launch this week as a service for clients, but now having to really re-think my intentions, as if I am having problems, what will clients have?


July 27, 2013 at 9:39 pm
Best way I found to bulk delete was to just do it via the database table.

Here is the solution, its not ideal, but it works.

Please Please – can you ensure to address this oversight in an future UPDATE

With THXS in advance. 🙂

CSV Product Import now supports “Category” again. Along with bulk delete incase something doesn’t work.

That’s REAL Support – 5 ***** service

Thank you 🙂

When I import 201 products, the import process shows everything importing without any issues. When I click on products in the settings, none of the products that just imported are there. No clue where to start as there are no reported errors.

I double checked the database with PHPMyAdmin and confirmed that the products are not being imported.

Can’t edit post now for some reason. I had put Product ID numbers on the block of products I was importing. There was going to be a gap between the current few manual products I entered and the block I was uploading/importing. I removed the Product ID numbers from the csv file and now all the products imported. They just aren’t in the group of Product ID numbers I would have liked.

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