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I’m trying to import products form a CSV. I uploaded the CSV, hit Import and it previews perfectly. Then I confirm the import but all the products are missing their categories, and their amounts…about 1 out of 21. Anyone else have this issue?

Yes buddy. I just encountered the same issue. I thought I made a mistake somewhere, so I did it again. Now I have all of my 80+ products duplicated and with no categories or amounts.

Worst of all I cannot find a bulk delete option!!

Best way I found to bulk delete was to just do it via the database table.

Thanks. That did the trick

Fellas, I have just found this limitation, with over 400 products imported via CSV.
Now in the process of HIGHLIGHTING the need for a BULK DELETE Button…

I have spent a week now setting UCM up, and finding many quirky ways of doing things, the latest’s is having to edit the db to BULK DELETE entries…

Surely this is NOT right?

We recently added bulk delete to invoices and tickets, so we’ll try to add it to products next.

Thanks for the positive feedforward on this, when you update this.
Any chance of also resolving the issue of CSV Import, where Category’s does not LOAD, nor does it assign a Product to a category IF the category already exists.

A further Improvement would also be an EXPORT to CSV feature for PRODUCTS so you could edit your listing.

With THXS in advance

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