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Hi Dtbaker,

I am testing customers bulk customers import we are meeting some issues :

1st big problem, our custom customer ID is not imported, instead of it we have another incremental number :

Example : Our Customer ID ‘1000990’ turns to ‘210345’ in the database.┬áThis is a major trouble for us.

Second point : where to set the execution time for importing, i tries inside my php.ini without success. (our customers imports are about 1000 rows each) Got this Message :

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\tevo_crm\includes\database.php on line 55

Thanks for your support,


Hello Amar,

Please create an “Extra Field” in the Customer area called “CustomerID”

Then do the import and use this new “CustomerID”.

The first “Customer ID” in the import file is an internal UCM customer id, this is not really used during the import process so it is best not to use this first “Customer ID”.

Please ask the hosting provider for instructions on increasing the maximum execution time, some hosting providers have a special way of doing this.


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UCM-TEVOImport Customer issues