Image Quality on PDF Export Really Bad

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Hi there,

I’m busy fooling around with invoices layouts and just recently tested our logo graphic in the invoice template as a image, both jpg and png display horribly. I’m not sure why.

Any suggestions what it could be ?

Are you able to send through a JPG so we can test it here to see if it’s a software issue or an issue with the image?

Alternatively please feel free to try your image in the online demo to see if the quality is any different there:

Hi, thank-you for he reply.

I tested on your demo site. Picture quality is still degraded.

Linked a jpg image and when i save it from acrobat it defaults to bmp.

Our logo has shadow and the logo graphic we like to use has shading which doesn’t reflect well, its the quality is set to something already. Which in my opinion is to low to have an attractive logo graphic :/

png’s fail terribly you should try it out.

Test with the sample picture in windows,

This is actually a problem with alot of PDF rendering packages. Before we found UCM we had the exact same problem with the PDF2HTML package!

Hi again,

It does that on demo site as well. Any graphics on the exported pdf invoiced is really bad looking.

png’s are unusable jpg’s render poorly when exported.


There any solution for this or suggestions on how to improve it because we would really like to use our logo on the exported invoice 😉 or our letterhead graphic.

Please help.

Hello, I’ve encountered this issue too. If anyone finds a workaround then I’d also be interested to hear about it.

I have tracked down the JPEG image quality issue (man that was tricky!) this PDF code is so complicated.

Please do an upgrade and test, the JPEG image quality has been changed to 100% so hopefully this resolves issues. If this does not resolve issues please let me know, I may have another solution that isn’t as nice but might work as well.

Works well, renders nicely.

Thank you so much, really appreciate it.

Sexy invoices here we come !


Haven’t tested png’s though is that also fixed ?

normal transparent PNG’s are not supported by the PDF generation software as per this FAQ article I just found:

However it does mention that you can generate use single color transparency, kinda like a GIF. I’m not sure how well this works but worth a try. However a better (faster) solution would be to just save the PNG as a JPEG with a white background.

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mrsteevjImage Quality on PDF Export Really Bad