I need to copy a form

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I need to copy a Subscription form. I created a new one under templates. Yet it does not seem to be found anywhere else other than in templates.It is now named : member_subscription_confirmed-es and did this for all the forms I needed to copy. Thus using this code on my website /ext.php?m=member&h=subscribe-es& and seeing if that worked. It did not

I attempted to check the Php code and see if copying the source Such as “/includes/plugins_subscribe and changing it to /includes/plugins_subscribe-es”: would allow me to use the same fields and it would insert it to my website and that did not work. I don’t give up easily and have spent countless hours looking and cannot find how to copy the /ext.php?m=member&h=subscribe&  into the includes folder for a new form. I copied it all and attempted many ways. Yet still unable to do this. Is their a way to copy such a form in this program. Like create a Secondary – mainly language for me; Subscription form ?

I am attempting to create one for English and another for Spanish as We need to have multiple options for Some customers. Yet they all need to go to the same database and with code. I can separate them accordingly into which group it should go into. Is this possible with this program or will I need to create another database just for them ?

Thanks in Advance

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment it is not possible to have the subscribe form in multiple languages (without quite a bit of code modifications). We’ll try to fix this.

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chuckymafiaI need to copy a form