I am a manufacturer need help

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Today i bought ucm for my business clients and accounts purpose, basically my business is a manufacturing of cement products, we manufacture products like concrete chairs etc etc, after checking all the options on the installed ucm script, i could not able to change product name (which is shown as hours) and other details are not related to my business, all over i can see the options which are exclusively made for website designers etc. please help me how to change the setting for my use.

My need is :
I want to create customers,
I want to add products, which will be in size, sq feet, running feet, meter, etc.
For the created customers, i need to send quot using the created products,
once the customer agree to buy then i will delivery the product and generate invoice, also maintain there accounts, this is my need for this only i bought ucm.

Hello, have you looked at the Wiki: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/ and the FAQ/Knowledge base? Most of that is in there. It is pretty simple to change that stuff. For the product, to exclude the hours you want to make sure you select “Amount Only” under the “Task Type” when you create a job. Then you select the products that you create. When you create the Products under the “Settings/Products” put “1” in for the “Hours/Quantity” – that will allow you to list the product for the price you set.

I hope this makes sense. You should be able to do everything you are looking to do (and more) through UCM.

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bojeesI am a manufacturer need help