Howto modify date - hide st, th, rd, etc..

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I want to delete the ST, RD, TH, etc… in date, because i’m spanish and we don’t use them. Its only for look more professionaly.

How can i change?

Which section of the system does this appear in?

Date on top right:
Admin | Salir
Lunes 6th de Mayo 2013

Dashboard last week, etc:
Mar 4th
Lun 29th…

Language file, i try to fill in blank, but it doesnt work:
‘st’ => ”,
‘nd’ => ”,
‘rd’ => ”,
‘th’ => ‘ ‘,
‘%s %s%s of %s %s’ => ”,

Please upgrade to the latest version of ‘finance’.

After upgraded, please try placing this in the translation file:

‘st’ => ‘<wbr>’,

if that doesn’t work, please try this instead:

‘st’ => ‘&nbsp;’,


Thanks, it works fine 😉

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diegoHowto modify date – hide st, th, rd, etc..