How to refund unused deposit and 2 more questions

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This software is great, and I am testing all I can before it’s in live mode.

I can’t seem how to figure out how to refund the unused portion of a deposit. I’ve tried several work-arounds such as placing a charge against the remaining deposit, but that throws off the financing tab and the total amount the customer has paid.

Also, how do you even do a general refund? Sometimes a refund is necessary or even a partial refund. This should show as an expense under finances and a receipt/invoice generated for the customer.

Finally, deposit payments show up under the main Finance section, but not on the finances for the job. Not sure how to fix this.



Refunds are not implemented, however it is something I’m interested in doing. If you have any more suggestions on how refunds should work in UCM (ie: where buttons should be, how it should reflect on a job/invoice, how it should reflect in finance area, how it should reflect in any reports) please post back here.

For reporting, you could try going to the Job and then scrolling down and clicking “Add New” on “Job Finances”. Then just add in an expense there under a new category called “Refunds” or something.

The latest update will fix the bug where deposit payments are not showing under the original job finance area.



Thanks for your reply. I was thinking about the refunds for a while, and here are some of my ideas. Feel free to use or not use these suggestions. Keep up the great work.

1: You could make refunds similar to the deposit… create a “Job Refund” option under Advanced so that an invoice is generated with only the refund and no other job tasks.

2: I think the refund should be as simple as an invoicable job product (like the deposit) that is of a negative value. That way a receipt is generated for payment to the customer. Right now, any product added with a negative value is converted to $0.

3. Refunds should be reflected in the finance areas (the main one and for the job and invoice) since it is an expense paid to the customer.

4. Maybe have an option to show how the refund was given, such as Paypal refund, cash refund, a check issued, etc.

5. Also, you could consider updating the summary under the job tasks as follows — this makes it easy to see everything ongoing without having to click on all the invoices to see the activity:

Subtotal: (the total amount of all invoiced and non-invoiced work not including the refunds or deposits–like the deposit, it is preferable that the refunds not show up on the task list)
Tax: (the taxes)
Refunds to customer: (the total amount of all refunds to the customer)
Total: (the subtotal and tax minus the refunds paid to the customer)

Running Balance: (total of invoiced and non-invoiced work, minus deposits, credits, and other payments — if the customer’s deposit and payments/credits are more than the running total of all invoiced and non-invoiced work, then this should be negative)

Work Invoiced: (the total amount invoiced to the customer for the job so far, including and subtracting all invoiced refunds but not including deposits)

Customer Paid: (the amount the customer has paid so far, including the total amounts of all deposits)

Deposit Invoiced: (the total amount of deposits invoiced)
Deposit Paid: (the total amount the customer has paid towards the deposits)

I really like the idea of the “running balance” because it quickly tells you exactly how much the customer owes or what the credit balance is without having to do any math yourself.

6. I would also like to see the deposit invoices (and the refund invoices if you decide to go that route) to be easily distinguishable under “Job Invoices” on the Jobs page. That way you don’t have to click each invoice to see which one is the deposit/refund.

These are just some ideas of course, I hope this helps 🙂

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fritolaydoritoHow to refund unused deposit and 2 more questions