How to make custom email template to appear in email template list

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Hi David,

I created some custom mail templates, but did not found the way to make them appear in customers email template dropdown list. Only one template appears, i dont know why and how i manage to make this one appear.

here is the link to the dropdown :

Your help would be warmly welcomed !


make sure the template key is “email_template_something

Great works fine thank you ! 🙂

This is obviously working so how do you make the Template DropDown Display!

I like the idea of creating template for emails.. Can dtbaker add this function as standard function. I know a lot of people can use it.


Please. 🙂


Thank you

make sure the template key is named “email_template_something“ and the drop down will display.

Nate9 this is a standard function that already exists..

Go to settings => Template.

There you can edit or create new templates.

Then follow DTbaker instructions above, and you should be good to go.


THank you 🙂 Got it work

Ok, like an idiot I requested a feature that already exists – never saw the “Add New” Template button – I need to open my eyes!
Thanks so much! This works great!

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UCM-TEVOHow to make custom email template to appear in email template list