How to limit ticket groups to specific users

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I don’t want everyone (e.g., sales staff or support staff) seeing management tickets.

I can’t see an easy way to do this, allow certain groups only to see certain ticket groups please?

I see in “User Roles” settings we can set user ” Ticket Access” to a few options. “Only assigned tickets” being the one that would most suit what I am trying to achieve.

However this means manually assigning tickets.

Would be great if this was done automatically by certain ticket types being assigned to user groups / user roles so when they log in they have access to ticket types “X, Y and Z”

I didn’t word this very well and had trouble finding it via search so adding these phrases

How to hide ticket types from certain users and user roles.
Ticket type permissions

and hoping somebody might have an idea how to accomplish this as we have to give access to the CRM to some non management staff to deal with certain ticket types!

I’m looking for the exact same thing

I think this was improved/fixed some time after I made this topic.

Settings – Ticket – Ticket Types – can be set to a specific person (this maybe did not work when I made this topic, but it was fixed)

Also, user roles can be set up. I have CRM assistant (can only see their own assigned ticket types), CRM supervisor, CRM admin, etc.

And how I have it set up:
I have embedded the contact form on website, it has drop down selection box for ticket type/department.
Then tickets come via form to but are assigned to the correct staff member/CRM assistant who can only see their own tickets.

Hope this helps

Also the assigned staff member gets notification emails. So nothing needs to be manually assigned. All good.

Hi welshdemon,

Thank you for your feedback.

My query is a little different. I would like exactly that what you describe (I’m using it already).

But I want more users to be able to see specific ticket groups (and no others).

I can only automatically assign 1 staff member for each ticket per group and I would like different logins/persons to be able to followup on certain limited ticket groups.

Do you know if that is at all possible with the current system?

As far as I can tell it is not.




No, this is a big thing that is missing.

Users would have to assign other users to look at the ticket, then it disappears from their queue….not good if they need to keep an eye on it until the other staff has done something.

A less than ideal workaround is set up a CRM user but instead of it being a person’s email address, use a forwarding email address (such as and have this forward to multiple people’s email.

I requested this feature previously but I guess it has not been done. Seems some obvious features are still not implemented for this software. I gave up hope a long time ago due to lack of support & development, I just accept it for how it is now and don’t expect or hope for anything to change or improve!

Some good news around Tickets. Permissions based on groups is now available. Details here:

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