How to do a bulk invoice ?

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Any way to do this ?

I have 600 members that all have member dues one time a year ?

Any way to put them in a group and bulk email / invoice them all ?

Yes create a subscription (Settings > Subscription) and then assign each member to that subscription. The subscription will generate and send invoices every year to those members.

you will have to manually click on each member and assign them to the subscription once only, then it will happen automatically every year after.

ok, that makes a little more sense.

How about this:

Setting up each customer and assigning them to either Group A or Group B. And when you set each invoice up, can we click a send date to start the invoicing ?

SO if you have 600 customers with dues, then can you go in today and put the date to start automatically send invoices on Monday October 14, 2013 ?

Then on Monday , the UCM would automatically send out 600 invoices ?

Or send Group A invoices

and then

send Group B invoices ??

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eberswineHow to do a bulk invoice ?