How to convert quote to invoice if task not completed?

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I have followed the instructions here to create a quote and converting it to an invoice:

However this assumes that we invoice our clients AFTER work has been done. We work the opposite way, we send a quote to our client, he approves and we send him an invoice to pay BEFORE work starts.

Right now, I can only generate an invoice on “Completed Job Tasks”. How do I make the “Create Invoice” option appear when the tasks are not yet complete?

We’ll add an option to invoice for incompleted tasks (or maybe even an option to select which tasks to invoice for – to be more flexible for others with different needs) in an upcoming update. Thanks for the feature suggestion.

Thank you very much 😉

I get the popup where select the not completed tasks, but when i save the invoice, it is not created and not shows in the invoices list. So i need to put task as completed to generate teh invoice, then the feature is not working as needs.

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robertfutureHow to convert quote to invoice if task not completed?