How to accomplish this scenario?

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Hi I’ve just purchased ucm pro first of all what is the best way to ask for support while having bought the plugin?

I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish the following scenario
In our company we have staff members who must be able to do
1)Create, edit, delete Products (meaning everything about products)
2)Create, edit, delete Customers….
3)Create, edit, delete Quotes…
4)Create, edit, delete Invoices…

The typical workflow for all staff members we would like to have is:
1)Create All Products
2)Create a customer
3)Create a quote for a list of products and for a specific customer
4)be able to modify and approve the quote
5)Create and process invoice
6)Complete Invoice
All the above must NOT require the use of the administrator, meaning that staff members have to be able to do everything above. I think this is the most common way that all companies work in the world.

I need you to tell me if the scenario above is possible and how to begin with.
By the way when I login as a staff member and visit product section under settings it redirects me to the dashboard. Shouldn’t products be accessible from the menu on the left??

Welcome to the UCM community! For direct support from the developer, you would want to fill out a ticket (though he also tries to post on here as well). For support within the UCM community, you would post on here.

For your hope with permissions, it sounds like all that is just an issue of permissions set with the “User Roles”. Go to settings/User Roles. Create or edit a “staff” role, and set all the permissions you want them to have with customers/etc. Then create your staff members assigning them those roles (I also recommend having a test account with that role so u can make sure that the account gives them what they need and hides what u don’t want them to see).

That way your staff can do all u want without needing to bother the admins.

I hope this helps!

Products work with elements like your job tasks/etc. My guess is that u don’t have the user permission set for the staff to do anything with products which is why it takes them to the dashboard.

Once u get your products and categories set up, that is what will auto-populate the job tasks (u can set it for quantity/amount if it is a physical product, or amount only or hourly if it is a timed product or flat rate. They don’t appear on the left as they need to be inserted into a job or used for a FAQ/etc.

1)I’m playing with the user roles but even though I’ve checked everything under products and they are allowed to view and edit the settings, after a staff member visits the products page it gets redirected to the dashboard.

2)Actually I don’t want the staff members to mess around with the settings, not even view them, How can I move the products to the left?

3)Can I export somehow the permissions that a user role has so that you can see them?

I managed to do the first by giving them rights to FAQ. This doesn’t make sense and I found it from here

However I’m still trying to figure out how to do the second from the previous post.

Could you mention what you envision the “products” being/functioning? How were you looking to use the products section?

As far as showing your user permissions, the best way is to do a screen shot and share it on here.

I hope this helps!

I just want the products to be on the left side of the menu and to be visible without having to allow the staff members to view the settings.

For example Quotes can be seen, why not products but without allowing them to view the settings? Products should not be under settings. Can I do anything for this?

To my knowledge, products cant be loaded in that fashion on the left…this is because the products behave almost like a setting – there are the content that “feeds” into other areas of UCM (job tasks/etc.)…the idea behind them is that they are preset (by admin/etc.) so they can be autoloaded into other areas.

A person can always add a product to an individual job task by typing it in, but for the system-wide products/categories…those are set in the settings.

So, in your case, I would have someone with an admin role to add all the products, you can still have your other staff members use the products/add them into quotes/etc. from within UCM…

I hope this makes sense.

There is a “Menu Order” option under settings. Could that be used for something like what I want?

The menu order effects the order of the menu on the left, and I know there is a category for “product”, but at least in my test it doesn’t create a product category on the left.

Can you describe in a little bit of detail how you are planning/wanting to use the “products” in UCM – again, I just want to be sure that what your expectations of that area are what that area is designed for.

If you know a little coding, you can create a product section using information on this link: Adding a Custom Menu Item and copying/linking information from the products plugin (includes/product_plugin). If you wanted to go this route, and needed help in the coding, there are some 3rd party developers that you could reach out to: UCM Developers.

Hopefully this is of some help, but again, if you can detail how you are intending to use the products/what your vision of the products feature is that would be helpful.

Thank you for help so far, I appreciate it.

Basically I just need the staff members to be able to create, edit and delete products without viewing the settings. And I though about placing a link to products from the menu on the left so that it will be easy for them to do it.

EDIT:I also want to add an extra field to products? Is there any info for this?
Like an extra column to specify the quantity if it is in Kgs or units.
or “unit price” and “package price”.

Actually I decided to edit the plugin products and I managed to allow staff members to edit products without viewing the config settings.

However I would like to know just a few things about how to add an extra field on the product or something like product attributes perhaps. I’ve searched a bit the forums but I didn’t find anything

The ucm even the pro version is targeting mostly companies which provide services and not products, and I think that the product section has to be upgraded. There are so many features for other things but not for products.

For the last post I have created a feature request here because I think that it might help others too You can go and vote if if you wish.
Marking this thread as resolved.

EDIT: I can’t change the status of the thread. Tried with firefox and chrome. Don’t know why. Please mark it as resolved

Glad you were able to get the editing permissions worked out!

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matomHow to accomplish this scenario?