How can i add treeview and submenu for custom link for side bar ?

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How can i add treeview and submenu for custom link for side bar ?

Is it possible to do up a screenshot mockup in photoshop showing what you mean here?

I think he means like this.. same as I am asking in my other post

Yes, that is what I mean.

So any ideas dtbaker?

i solved this problem with small code. I offer this code for 2 dollars if you want it.

Can you show your results.

i will add a plugin in codecanyon within 2 days for adminlte theme to add/edit/delete submenus for 3$.
It’s so cute plugin.

Email me at or skype devsmi2012 and ill send u the $2

I will put the plugin on codecanyon within 2 days. If you are interested in this plugin you can see demo when I put it on codecanyon. I added several features to it so it’s price may differ than 2$. It may cost 3$ or 4$.

sounds cool, keep us updated. although codecanyon will probably take a few weeks from what I hear

The plugin development has been finished. I wait codecanyon to accept it.

What will the name be ? I will keep an eye out for it

UCM Submenu plugin for adminlte theme

Any update with this? Would appreciate if u could just sell this to me instead of waiting for codecanyon..its been 2 weeks waiting now.

Any pictures you could share?

for being late from you, i will give you a free version of this plugin in order to tell me the experience with this plugin. give me your e-mail address.Sorry for late.
Note: tbis plugin is for Adminlte theme only.

Thank you very much. I will give you some feedback. When it does get released on codecanyon I will still purchase to support ya.

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gentlexHow can i add treeview and submenu for custom link for side bar ?