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i have problems sending mails and newsletters with my hosting provider HOST EUROPE.
I tried so many things. And nearly driving insane:o).
I also tried to send mails with as you mentioned. It works fine this way!
I only have problems with my hosting provider HOST EUROPE.

Here my question: Am I the only person with the hosting provider HOST EUROPE?

Thanks in advanced and greetings

Hi tvomberg,

Are you please able to ask the hosting provider:  “Do you have special SMTP settings for PHP scripts?”


Hi dtbaker,

the support from host europe just send me a link to the FAQs (german):

I try it to check the bouncebut got an ERROR:
Failed to connectArray
[0] => Unable to create selectable TCP socket (1192 >= 1024)
1Bounce checking finished
Thanks, tvomberg




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