Help! !!!New User Questions!!!

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Hello fellow UCM users.

I’ve been having some issues, and this lead to me making notes of such – I really need to qualify my observations, and make sure my questions are not based in misunderstanding or an incorrect set up.

Please can anyone help either clarifying my notes and correcting me where I am wrong? Hopefully this will help others that are confused by the same issues later 😉


Q1? Why can client user role edit and delete change request when they have no permissions set to do so?


In this state, I expected that a user could merely create the initial change request, using provided admin link, and with edit permissions, have the ability to edit/update the change request – up until a job is created and linked to said change request in UCM.

Q2? When a change request is turned into a job, why can the client delete or edit the change request at that point – even with or without those permissions it seems? This is now a job for one, and they don’t have permission at least in one case!


When a change request is turned into a job, the change request detail should be locked against client alteration in any way. At this point, only admin should be able to clear change requests, as they are processed? Better still, UCM could remove the request when the linked resulting invoice is paid.

Q3? When client user role does not have permissions set relating to quotes, why do they still appear in the account in QUOTES section? Why is there a clickable link to the quote, that just leads to a ‘permission deigned’ message.


Surely, if a user does not have permissions to view features, they should not see anything to do with them, and certainly not be able to click links that take them nowhere useful – bad user experience.

Q4? When quotes view permissions are set, why does a button appear in clients account, ‘turn this into a job’ if they are unable (have no permissions) to do so?


The client is tempted to click this button and will be confused to receive the resulting message. Again, any element of the system that the role does not have permission to take action on, should not be presented.


Why does the ADVANCED section show up in client account when there are no options for the user to make use of and displays no valuable information?


The information displayed is confusing to client – they have no idea what this is for. Label is ‘Change Customer’ value is ‘CUSTOMER’. They can not change anything!

Q6. Back to Change requests, Why is the linked job set in the Change Request section in WEBSITES not reflect this after saving instead the select box requests selection.


Either this is a bug, misunderstanding of use or configuration issue.

My Perceived Work Flow Process



1. Create LEAD in system (optional)
2. Either, convert LEAD into CUSTOMER OR just create a new CUSTOMER as required, setting appropriate user role (guess this can be done using a form as well as manually).
3. Set up Change Request feature (optional depending on service type for client).
4. If 3, Send Change Request Link to client to allow them to specify changes.
5. Create a QUOTE with TASKS and send it to the client.
6. When Client approves QUOTE, convert QUOTE to JOB. This has to be done manually?
7. Process the JOB, make use of timer for internal monitoring only – does not calculate finance related details.
8. Mark JOB as completed and generate invoice – send to client.
9. Invoice is due, paid or overdue?

I would be very grateful for any constructive assistance – thanks in advance.



In addition to above…


Regards Email Settings (SMTP), if I check ‘Use SMTP when sending emails from this system’ option, email test fails. If I uncheck that option it works – no other changes are made… why?


Surely this needs to be checked to activated the feature?


Setting up the Ticket System. Save & Test returns similar to this:


Connecting to {}INBOX


…which I assume reveals an error in the whole process.. though it is not clear it is an error message – I just don’t get the result expected.




With regards to CRON JOB – I have GoDaddy Shared Hosting (what a mistake) and don’t have access to IMAP PHP extension. My ticket Connection Type Settings are set to POP3 for that reason. Yet when the CRON job runs, I get error reporting email containing the following:


Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=blahblahblah; path=/
Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT
Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0
Pragma: no-cache
Content-type: text/html

Imap extension not available for phpImap extension not available for php




(Besides, ah go take a nap, go for a walk) Surely, if I have POP3 setting made, no part of the CRON script relating to IMAP should even run?

Hi adeb,

Thanks for reporting these issues.

I’ll get back to you shortly.

Q1 / Q2 – please try the latest update.

The ability to delete/edit a change request is now removed if the change request has been converted to a job task.

Q7 – yes that is a correct workflow. There is another example in the FAQ

Q8 – when enabling SMTP please enter the SMTP details. From memory Godaddy has special SMTP settings for PHP scripts.

Q9 / 10 – the “imap” extension is required for both imap and pop3 features to work. There are some developers trying to find a way around this and I’m waiting for some smart cookie to figure out a solution. For now it’s not possible to import emails from godaddy shared hosting (or other accounts that do not have this feature enabled). Good news is I have heard customers getting a refund for not having this feature, if you wish to swap hosting accounts.

Q4 – the latest update will hide this button if the permissions are set that way. Thanks for reporting this.

Q5 – sorry which advanced section is this?

Q3 – could you send a screenshot showing this quote error? Thanks


Thank you so much for your replies.

Regarding Q5 – I’m referring to the advanced section displayed under CUSTOMER >> WEBSITES >> (CHOOSE WEBSITE). You can see this in the screen shot I will send over to you later today, as requested regarding Q3.

Can you please also clarify Q6 for me when you’re able?

Regarding Q9/ Q10.. that is a shame, so the ticket system will not work without imap extension – is there a workaround? I’m sure Gmail is mentioned somewhere?

Thanks again for the support – overall you have a fantastic product, and it’s nice to see you fix something so soon after it is pointed out to you, even though it’s busy time for you right now… can’t do better than that!

I have now sent through screen shot as requested – you should find it attached to the ticket.

Unfortunately, my ‘client’ user role, without edit or delete permissions, can still edit or delete the Change Request regardless of anything.

I have a feeling this may be connected with my Q6? This is because in the Websites section >> Change Requests, there is an option labelled ‘Linked Job’. For me, when I choose which job to link, and then save website (there does not seem to be any other save function for this particular process), the page does NOT reflect this selection upon reloading – certainly, the previously selected job from the list of jobs is not selected in the select field as expected – perhaps this settings data is not making it to the db?

I have a feeling this is close to the mark as the JS you have in place to prevent accidentally leaving the page after this setting/change is made works just fine – it’s presence indicates the importance of the setting?

I guess therefore that my user role can edit and delete, because the job isn’t actually linked to the change request? But still, permissions are not set to do those things, for the role.

In my testing with actions that can be taken by user role, I am using Chrome, and for admin work Firefox, to be sure there is not any issue with session cookies and user ID’s on the same browser – just in case.

Hope this helps.

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adebHelp! !!!New User Questions!!!