Greek Characters on customer fields

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When i create extra fields with Greek characters on customer information something strange happens. When i go to invoice template for example i can see the hooks created but when insert them in the template and try to print i only get the hook name. For example Α.Φ.Μ = Greek Tax ID. If i use it with greek characters i only get the {Α.Φ.Μ}, if i use it with latin characters A.F.M, everything works fine. Any solution there?

Hi, its been 2 months any ideas? On custom data same thing, on the template editor i can see the automatically created tags with Greek characters and the containing data, but on pdf the data is not there.

I am trying to use another pdf library to perform the pdf print just in case its a library issue, but apparently i only get mpdf no other option on settings. I can see the file of the other pdf library but not availiable on settings.Any ideas?

Hi, I’m running a test on this now.

To fix this please open the template editor and change WYSIWYG from “Yes” to “No”

The WYSIWYG editor is wrecking the Α.Φ.Μ output, but you can type it into the raw code editor just fine.

Yeap, works like a charm.Thank you very much.

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