Google Map Integration

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Display contacts on a Google Map featuring built in β€œget directions to” link so we can easily get directions to the address from within UCM.

Is this a single big map showing all customers/contacts? Or little individual maps on each customer/contact page?

big map showing all customers/contacts to make it easier to build a schedule. something like

I would suggest both – so as you pull up a contact, it will show a map and you can select to “Get Directions” to that specific contact.

Yes this is possible.

Need this too – Also I am working with Staff members. Would be great if they could see their clients (different label/color per staff member) πŸ˜‰

Any timeframe on this one?

I’d really like to see the ability to search the contacts with geo location. Find the nearest and list out from there or within a given radius (maybe there is something similar already or possible with the custom module section?)

I’d quite happily fund if this was possible

@raeyo for the timeframe, the feature still needs to be funded $50 more πŸ™‚

Guys, all we need is to fund 50 missing $?

I need this feature with big map and all the clients, even if possible to draw a route, as agents are working with offline clients and have to visit them.

This will be cool if agent will be able to see on map all his assigned clients(tasks) addreses.

Please confirm if its just a funding problem, so we can do something about it. As fast this feature available – the cool-er it is πŸ˜›

Don’t get too excited, but I just started a little something:

Just updated but it’s only showing 9 of my 800 contacts on the map?

Hi ya’ll,

The reason I think all contact are not showing up is if you have multiple companies in the system it’s only pulling from the main company assigned in the system not any additionals.

Kind Regards,

Blake Pounds

WP Jack of Trades

I’ve not got any companies in the system at all, just 800 customers.

Hey I’ve found the issue and should have a fix in the next update. Cheers!


Still really impressed at how active you are in developing and addressing any issues :o)

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