Google Analytics Integration

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Since this is a client manager for us and a client portal for our customers, I thought it would be important to have some sort of analytics or google analytics integrated in the website section of UCM. That way we can monitor our client’s traffic or conversions and so can the client.

There are many php scripts on codecanyon already. Can any of them be implemented as a plugin for UCM?

Could be a cool feature – would make sense with maybe a more extensive “Website information panel”, things like storage/etc. But that would be more suited and included with hosting packages.

Inside UCM it might be a neat feature, pending on how it is developed and integrated. In my opinion I would largely see it as a tool to get customers to keep coming back to the UCM (so maybe an announcement/banner ribbon on the same page that we could edit to offer promotions/etc.) vs an extensive need on it’s own.

or possibly Piwik integration.
Check it out

For anyone that wants this done, feel free to contact me.

I have added a custom link to UCM menu that will automatically open an autologin window to the user’s Piwik account.

Ultimately, I will continue to work on this to fully integrate Piwik into my UCM

nice…are you creating this as an optional plugin?

All I created was a workaround. When a client or staff member clicks on Analytics, they are taken to my Piwik installation and are able to view their account and only the websites that they have access to.
At the moment, the only issue is that they must have the same login info for UCM & Piwik

I have dropped Piwik again for Google Analytics. Piwik put a lot of strain on my server.

I still think Google Analytics integration into UCM is a must, but I haven’t found a good way to do it yet.

Maybe DTBAKER could take a stab at it 🙂

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