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I’m setting this up for a customer who is really interested in the newsletter feature. So far everything has worked well with one major problem. The system cannot send emails to any of the godaddy email accounts (customer uses godaddy for business email, and hosting) whether it be through the preview function or when actually sending the newsletter. Sending to any other accounts, gmail, msft, emails hosted by bluehost etc. seem to work fine.

I’ve tried virtually every combination of email settings and haven’t been able to get the emails sent to the go-daddy accounts. Do you have any idea how to resolve this?

I’m not too sure sorry, the best way to get this resolved would be to contact godaddy support and ask:

“Hello, we have a XYZ hosting account with you. A PHP script on this hosting account is sending emails. This PHP script can send emails fine to gmail and other accounts, but it fails without an error when trying to send email to our own godaddy hosted email accounts. What are the correct SMTP details for this PHP script to use when sending emails?”

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