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On the Finance Plugin: If I am at the Finance Tab>Transactions and search for something with the Name/Description field, the list does not change.

For example, List is showing 94 results for all time. Type in Caltel in name/description field and hit search button…list shows 94 results, even though I have a monthly bill called Caltel.

The search does work if I use “invoice” or “payments”  which is the default name for all INvoice Payments.

Summary: search does not work for any named finance transaction, only for default named transactions

There is same problem with Files Plugin:

If I am at the Files Tab> and search for something with the Name/Description field, the list does not change.

Is the recurring transaction a subscription or one set up from the finance area? I have tested it here and searching is working. Feel free to submit a support ticket with temporary UCM login details and we can investigate further.

I was just using that (CalTel) as an example. Filtering within the financial transactions does not work for searching for any terms, wether invoices or created from within the Finance section.

Here is an interesting thing I just noticed:  Filtering does seem to search within Debits, but not Credits. I did not notice before because my debits are usually very small (and few)

So,  I have some transactions that are listed as Dreamhost Hosting fee. If I do a search in the Name/Description field for Dreamhost, I still get all of the Credits listed, but the Debits are limited to ones that have Dreamhost either in the description or name. ALL CREDITS are showing, regardless of the search-term
To be sure, I did a test by creating a CREDIT from Dreamhost and then  searched, but still all credits are being displayed, while DEBITS are limited to the search term.

Where should I begin in the trouble-shooting? Would it help if I deleted the Finance Transaction and re-installed? It might help to know that I purchased the Finance plugin soon after it became available, although I run regular upgrades.

Found the issue, working on a fix

Fixed with last update. Thanks!!

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