Finance only chose one page after installing update

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The finance page now only shows one page 18 records from 01-09-2013 until the latest most recent finance record. Even when I set it to show “All” this dose not change.
Before the update I could go from page to page to see the transactions. And after the update only one page is been shown.
If I the a search on an earlier date then I do get to see the record from an earlier date.

How can I set the it back to give me the option to go trough the pages to see earlier finance records?

The latest update will set a default “start date” of 30 days ago.

To make it show all results all the time (much much slower – especially with lots of transactions) please go to Settings > Advanced and change ‘finance_default_search_date’ from 30 to 0

Alternatively change 30 to another number, like 60 to get two months by default.

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cb00Finance only chose one page after installing update